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In 2009 following Carlisle United home and away had become a bit bland, same grounds season after season and the football had become a bit predictable with united firmly settled in League 1. I started looking for a new challenge in football I decided to try and complete the 92 football league clubs after realising that I was up towards 60 different football grounds just with Carlisle United alone. My 1st Venture to a non-Carlisle game was Annan Athletics’ Very first game in the Scottish League, in July 2008. So as a new year’s resolution in 2009 I decided to attempt to complete the 92 football league grounds. When I ventured to Crystal Palace on the 14th January 2009 it was my 64th Ground and 42 in the race to 92 By the time I had reached the 92 in February 2012 at Swansea I had done 161 grounds and started to venture into Scotland and the Non-League Scene. I enjoy trips north of the Border being so close to Scotland makes it easier for me to get to, I have found the Scottish clubs more relaxed and friendly often allowing us to take photos from different end of the ground or like in Aberdeen and Hearts case letting us in early to take a few photos from pitch side.

My goals are now to complete the Scottish 42 as well as the Conference Premier Teams, but also keeping one eye on the teams that come up into the 92 or move grounds I Currently stand on 91 out of the 92 with the only one missing being West Ham’s new Olympic Stadium. In Scotland I need the Highland 4 Inverness, Ross County Elgin and Peterhead to complete the Scottish 42 

I live in Cumbria so trips away can be quite expensive in fuel so am always open to bringing people with me. So if ground hopping is something you fancy and if I have room in the car just send me a quick message. A list of my planned visits is up on the 2017-18 Tab at the top of the Page.


I also Collect Carlisle United Programmes Home and Away although my collection is nearly complete back to 1964-65 you can see my other hobby  www.carlisleprogrammes.co.uk

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